All Alpacas will be sold regardless of price. Make an offer on any that interest you!

Alpaca Name Gender Breed Color Price  Staus
HUTZUL ACCOYO HANNAH Female Huacaya White  $ 1,000.00 Open/Proven
SMITH-HAVEN PERUVIAN PASSION Female Huacaya White  $ 1,000.00 Open/Proven
HDF CATALINA Female Huacaya White  $ 1,000.00 Preg/Proven
OohLaLah Female Huacaya White  $ 1,000.00 Open/Proven
SHCT Kyla Female Huacaya White  $    500.00 Open/Maiden
Ladeedah Female Huacaya White  $    500.00 Open/Proven
MRS ROBINSON Female Huacaya Beige  $ 2,000.00 Open/Proven
SHCT VICTORIA Female Huacaya Beige  $    750.00 Open/Proven
SHCT Cordilia Female Huacaya Beige  $    500.00 Open/Maiden
Amelia Female Suri Beige  $    750.00 Open/Maiden
SERENDIPITY PERUVIAN SERANADE Female Huacaya Light Fawn  $    750.00 Open/Proven
Brandy Female Huacaya Light Fawn  $ 2,000.00 Open/Proven
USA ACCOYO SABRINA Female Suri Light Fawn  $ 1,000.00 Open/Proven
T S P'S DANIELLE Female Suri Med. Fawn  $ 1,000.00 Preg/Proven
SHCT'S SAMANTHA Female Suri Med. Fawn  $    500.00 Open/Proven
HASU MEMIKI Female Suri Med,Fawn  $    750.00 Open/Proven
SHCT CRISTINA Female Huacaya Light Brown  $ 1,000.00 Open/Maiden
Yvette Female Suri White  $ 1,500.00 Preg/Proven
SHCT Rendezvous Female Huacaya Med. Brown  $ 1,500.00 Preg/Proven
Ivantos Female Huacaya Med. Brown  $    750.00 Open/Maiden
SHCT MERCEDES Female Suri Med. Brown  $    750.00 Open/Proven
Epiphany Female Suri Med. Brown  $ 1,000.00 Open/Maiden
SHCT STAR FIRE Female Huacaya Silver Grey  $ 1,000.00 Preg/Proven
Olivia Female Huacaya Beige  $ 1,000.00 Yearling
SHCT ACCOYO DEL SOL Male Huacaya White  $ 2,500.00 Proven Sire
MANIFEST DESTINY OF SHCT Male Huacaya Beige  $ 2,500.00 Proven Sire
Triumph Male Huacaya Beige  $    500.00 Junior Sire
MA ACCOYO RUMPLESTILTSKIN Male Huacaya Light Fawn  $ 1,000.00 Proven Sire
WICJED WARRIOR Male Suri Light Fawn  $ 1,500.00 Proven Sire
SHCT CONQUEST Male Huacaya Light Brown  free   
GLR CHIPOTLE Male Suri Light Brown  $ 1,500.00 Proven Sire
Silver Shades of Peru 03 Male Huacaya Rose Grey  $ 2,500.00 Proven Sire
SHCT QUICK SILVER Male Huacaya Rose Grey  $ 1,500.00 Sire
SHCT THE LEGACY OF CORANADO Male Huacaya Med. Brown  $ 1,000.00 Sire
SHCT PLATINUM TITAN Male Suri Silver Grey  free   
SHCT DARK KNIGHT Male Suri True Black  free